Our Heritage

Our Heritage

About Our Congregation

Ascension Lutheran Church had its beginnings in 1945 as part of a mission group and had its first building dedicated in 1953. It has a rich history of being a center of the neighborhood for the families in the Seymour area. The first baseball field for the community was on Ascension’s property, and the area baseball leagues used it heavily. Ascension built an even larger house of worship in 1975. Today you will see the fellowship hall as the original sanctuary, and the current sanctuary still largely as it existed since it was built almost 50 years ago. Ascension is here to serve our community.

Church Property

Our eleven-acre campus complete with a newly cleared baseball/softball field is here for our community to enjoy. Our trails that wrap through our wooded area welcome you and disconnect you from the business of all the other properties and busyness around it. Our sanctuary, our children’s events, our family events, our adult events–they are all here to welcome you at any time to enjoy the people and mission that make Ascension an invaluable part of our community.


Pastor Sullivan and two confirmands.

Ascension is a Lutheran church, meaning that, we teach the grace and forgiveness that was the core of Martin Luther’s life and ministry almost 500 years ago. We believe firmly that our community and our country need grace–undeserved love from a God who loves the world. The world around us is getting closer and further apart every day. The world is getting closer together in all the different forms of communication and media that make it so easy to connect to people, but, the world also is getting further apart every day in how little people show their need for each other, physically, in-person, with deep meaningful relationships that happen from communicating face to face. 

Our Savior spoke to the people in his day face to face. He told them about his death before it happened. He told them about his rising from death before it happened. He told them that he would go back to heaven before he actually ascended through those clouds. He said, “I go to prepare a place for you (in heaven), and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back to take you to be with me so that you also may be where I am.” Those words of our ascended Jesus form the core message of our congregation, that Jesus has prepared a place in heaven for you, and we have prepared a place in worship here for you so that these and the other words of Jesus might be your connection between earth and heaven.

The Following pastors have served the congregation:

J. Peterson (1945-51)
A. Gullerud (1951-1952)
Ruben Ude (1952-1957)
Keith Olmanson (1958-1960)
L. Vangen (1960-1971)
W. Granke (1971-1978)
John Kruger (1978-1986)
O. Trebelhorn (1986-1989)
Paul Anderson (1989-1992)
Jim Kruger (1994-1997)
Paul Sullivan (1998-2023)
Lloyd Harter (2023- )